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Caroline MacDougall

Meet the queen of caffeine-free herbal teas!

As a person sensitive to caffeine, Caroline’s curiosity about herbs was sparked by a box of strawberry leaves that she saw in 1968 at a fledgling natural food store. “I wonder if they taste like strawberries?” she pondered. Ever since that moment, Caroline has been experimenting to discover the best tasting botanicals in the world.

Caroline's teas depend on the flavor bouquet of the herbs themselves. It is Caroline's philosophy that the herbal beverage drinker should be able to detect at least three or four flavor notes in a well balanced blend. Essential oils and concentrates naturally extracted from fruits, herbs, nuts and spices may be added to enhance an herbal blend, but not overpower it.

The palate's interest in an herbal beverage can be kept intrigued and delighted by complexity or it can become exhausted from an over-dominant flavor supplied by commercial flavor houses. Like a fine wine compared to a mass produced one, much depends on the subtlety, variety, and depth of the flavor components of the blend.

Caroline delights in traveling the world to find ethnic herbs and spices with unique flavors to enhance her teas. Over the years, her teas have introduced herbs, which are commonly eaten or drunk in other countries, to the American market for the first time.

 As a pioneer in herbal beverages, Caroline introduced rooibos, the red tea, with The Republic of Tea and tulsi, India’s “Queen of Herbs”, with Organic India. Caroline was the first tea designer to make caffeine-free chai starting with her early work with Yogi Tea in the 1980’s and later in the ‘90’s with rooibos for a full-bodied brew that blends well with milk. 

Caroline MacDougall's Teas

All of Caroline’s teas are safe to drink daily and are caffeine-free unless otherwise noted.

Herbal teas contain a variety of plant nutrients including antioxidants that nature created in their leaves, bark, roots, berries & flowers. Read about how drinking herbal teas daily can help you build optimal health.
The Republic of Tea is the foremost specialty tea company in the USA. Caroline MacDougall has been designing teas for The Republic of Tea since its beginning in 1991 as their "Minister of Herbs"Ã
Yogi Teas are blended from pungent spices that are recommended in Ayurveda, the ancient science for health and longevity from India. Read more about these delicious spice teas that can wake you up without any caffeine!
Organic India grows organic herbs in India that support smallholder family farmers. Tulsi Teas are based on a highly revered herb in India with strong antioxidant and healthy properties. Read more about why Caroline...
Uncle Lee's Teas was the first company to introduce green tea to the North American market. Find out more about the organic Chai teas that Caroline developed for one of the largest tea companies in the Far East.
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