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The Teeccino Team

The Teeccino Team Values

We like to think of ourselves as a dynamic group whose lifestyles support our mission. We’re involved with personally achieving optimal health goals, but like everyone else, we’re works in progress. We are motivated by green, organic, sustainable values that govern how we spend our personal income. We choose to use our spending to support the kind of food we want to buy, the kind of cars we drive, the products from other companies we believe in, the energy we consume, the events we participate in, and where we plan our recreational time.

In truth, we may be greener than some and probably not as green as others, or as least as ideally we would like to be. Like many others, we are working consistently towards modifying our lifestyles to live more lightly on the earth so we leave behind a planet we’ve improved for all who come after us. We accept our responsibility to be the best caretakers, or stewards, of this planet, both locally and globally, and of each other, both friends and strangers, that we can possibly be.



Jerry Isenberg, CFO - I was introduced to Teeccino by Caroline on our first date 7 years ago.  A week later I had given up coffee (cold turkey because I didn’t even know yet about the Teeccino Kick the Caffeine Habit program). Today, Caroline is my life partner. I am still coffee free and an investor in Teeccino as well as its CFO. 

Thirty five years in the entertainment business as a producer, director and executive was a walk in the park compared to launching a truly healthy alternative up against America’s great addiction to stimulants. Yet Teeccino is expanding its reach and its customer base and I am inspired by the challenges.

Galen MacDougall, National Sales Manager - My role at Teeccino has been a developing one ever since my mom formulated the product in 1994 when I was 6. While growing up I helped at many Natural Product Expos and Fancy Food Shows (officially selling my first can of Teeccino at the age of 10) and have watched closely as Teeccino has grown from a kitchen experiment into what is now the #1 selling coffee alternative in the country. 

I love supporting the company that my mom has worked so hard to create, and know that with my help, we can get Teeccino the brand recognition it’s always deserved.  I am now our National Sales Manager and am proud to be an integral part of this company. Outside of the office, I am also an avid rock climber and cherish any opportunity to spend time in nature.


John Magee, Operations Manager - I was raised in the suburbs of Philadelphia, then attended the University of Wisconsin where I earned a bachelor’s of Arts in Biochemistry. I then attended graduate school at UCSB, pursuing a Master’s in Molecular Biology. I left graduate school to work in stocks and bonds for a short period of time. I have been with Teeccino for nine years, watching the company grow from the ground, up.

When I am not at work, I enjoy petting my three cats and one dog, and experimenting with making homemade flavored simple syrups. I am as well an avid follower of professional and college sports.

  Andrew Campisi, Operations Manager  

Melissa Russell, National Sales Coordinator 


Ashley Vincenti, Brand Ambassador Program 

Elisa Perez, Customer Service & Office Manager 

Emiliia Arsova, Accountant 
Anna Jordon, Social Media Marketing Manager
Eddie Bolvito, Warehouse Manager
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