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Thermos Nissan French Press Pot

item no. 90041

Vacuum Insulated

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1 litre (34 oz) vacuum insulated stainless steel French press that keeps Teeccino warm for 2 hours. Easy to brew wherever you are.

Thermos Nissan French Press Pot Reviews

Great French pot

By: Bernadette from Ault, CO US on October 30, 2016

"This french press is very nice to use. Makes 4 cups of coffee and stays hot. It say it stays hot for 6 hours. It was nice having it stay hot to the very last drop. Wow, I am so glad I decided to purchase this instead of another glass French press. Now I don't worry about breaking the glass.

The only thing down side of it is pouring the coffee out, I have to tilt the cup at an angle or else the coffee from the spout, spells all over. The spout should be redesigned."

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