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Get Smart

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Herb Tea For Memory - 36 Tea Bags

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Red cranberries, hibiscus and rosehips with a touch of orange peel bring a tart citrus accent to deeply satisfying rooibos, the red tea

Get Smart Flavor Notes

Brain drain? Feeling fuzzy when it comes to … um, what were we talking about? From names to numbers, we all tend to forget. But you can do something about it. In fact - a lot of things.

Keep you circulation humming with lots of long walks, try to learn something new everyday, and sip this caffeine-free herbal tea. Think of it as a high-antioxidant boost fro your noggin. Based on healthful organic rooibos with cranberry and orange peel, it’s a brilliant blend of rosemary with ginkgo, eleuthero and gotu kola, ayurvedic herbs said to improve memory.

Now if you could just find that tea pot… Sip and enjoy a new kind of focus.

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