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La Pavoni Italian Automatic Espresso Maker

Finally the Italians took the traditional stovetop espresso maker or “Moka pot” that is used daily in Europe to brew cups of espresso at home and made it into a cordless, electric espresso maker. We highly recommend this method of brewing rich mugs of Teeccino for deep satisfaction at home. It’s our personal favorite!

Directions for Brewing in the La Pavoni Italian Espresso Maker

  1. Fill bottom chamber up to the fill line with cold, filtered water. Maximum fill has to be below the rivet so water doesn’t go into the filter basket.

  2. Put two scoops of Teeccino into the filter basket and tamp with the back of the scoop to flatten the grounds.

  3. Screw the top and bottom chambers together tightly using your hands on both upper and bottom chambers. A tight seal is necessary so the water won’t escape between the two chambers during brewing.

  4.  Flip the switch on.

  5. When you hear the Moka pot begin to hiss, it will turn itself off.

  6. Divide the liquid between two 10-12 oz mugs or latte cups.


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