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Iced Teeccino

Whether you have Teeccino already brewed or not, you can be sipping an iced cold glass of Teeccino quickly following these directions:

Method One: Chilled Teeccino

  1. Refrigerate brewed Teeccino. (Teeccino will last up to a week in the refrigerator without losing flavor!)

  2. Pour over ice and add cold milk or non-dairy milk.

  3. Sweeten to taste. If using honey, sweeten when hot. Try liquid non-caloric sweeteners that dissolves easily in chilled Teeccino.   

Method Two: Fresh Brewed Teeccino

  1. Brew Teeccino using 2 tablespoons to 2 cups water in a drip coffee maker or with 10 oz water.
  2. Fill a 16 oz glass 2/3rd full with ice
  3. Add 1/4 cup cold milk, or more, depending on taste
  4. Pour brewed Teeccino over the ice and milk.
  5. Sweeten as desired.


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