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Dessert Drinks

We all know that feeling after a nice meal. We’re full yet we want something sweet to finish it off. Rich and sweet, now that would be just the thing. Or, maybe we want a cup of deep roasted coffee with a cap of velvety foamed milk. Problem is, we know the caffeine will interfere with a good night’s sleep and the acidity might give us heartburn on a full stomach.

Teeccino is the perfect choice for just this moment in your day. With 30 or less calories per cup, you can enjoy the richness of golden roasted almonds or dark roasted ramon nuts and get a sweet hit from dates and figs that will satisfy that urge for a dessert.

With a healthy helping of inulin in every cup of Teeccino, you will also benefit from its prebiotic support for good digestion. Plus there are no worries about acid indigestion either. The potassium in Teeccino coupled with the naturally alkaline ingredients helps your body maintain alkaline balance.

Making delicious and festive dessert drinks

For a frothy dessert beverage, you don’t need any fancy equipment. Brew Teeccino in your choice of drip coffee maker, French press pot, or espresso machine. Heat some milk or non-dairy milk and froth it with a simple, hand-held milk frother. Pour the hot milk and spoon the foam over the top of Teeccino in a mug or latte cup. Sprinkle the foamy cap with cocoa powder or cinnamon for a top note flavor and a great visual touch.

For a more adventurous dessert drink, add a splash of liqueur. Let the sweet liqueur replace the need for any sweetener. We highly recommend Teeccino Hazelnut with Frangelico®, Teeccino Vanilla Nut with Baileys® Irish Cream, Teeccino Mocha or Chocolaté with Godiva® Chocolate Liqueur, and Teeccino Almond Amaretto with – you guessed it – Amaretto®. Want more suggestions? Try Teeccino Chocolate Mint with Baileys® new Mint Chocolate Irish Cream. Beware though! One ounce of Baileys adds nearly 100 calories to the cup.

If you want to be alcohol-free, try some of the sweetened, flavored syrups that come in a myriad of gourmet flavors including Irish Cream. Find them at specialty grocery stores.

We have to say, however, we think Teeccino’s flavors are superior to comparable syrups. But if you love a flavor we don’t offer and want the sweetness of a syrup, check out the brands, Da Vinci® and Monin®. These brands offer a line of natural, rather than artificial, flavors which make them a better choice. The sweetener they use is cane sugar, which of course adds calories to your cup. Both of these brands have sugar-free flavors but we don’t recommend them because they don’t use natural, non-caloric sweeteners. Maybe one of them will come out with a stevia-sweetened version soon!

Take our advice and savor a mug of Teeccino after your meal. We guarantee it will quell those dessert desires and leave you happy and satisfied.


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