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Seniors and Teeccino

We’ve all noticed it. As we progress in years, we have a tendency to be much more nervous and anxious than we were when we were younger. As we age past forty, our bodies produce increasing amounts of the stress hormone, cortisol, and less of the youth hormone, DHEA. This causes us to lose our natural sense of security and feel heightened fears that we used to handle without any problem when we were younger.


An easy way for seniors to reduce their level of cortisol is to transition away from caffeine. DHEA naturally starts to decline precipitously in our elder years, but drinking caffeine, which stimulates more cortisol production, pushes our DHEA levels down further and faster. 


Caffeine also has other health consequences for seniors. It causes the heart to beat more rapidly and increases blood pressure. Protecting heart health is of prime importance to us as we age. Deciding to be caffeine-free is one of the lifestyle choices that makes sense for keeping the heart strong and healthy in our senior years.


Many seniors try decaf coffee but its high acidity makes it harsh on the digestive tract. Decaf still contains some caffeine and studies have shown that decaf can trigger the jitters due to other components in coffee beans. Decaf can raise cholesterol too, a problem many seniors want to avoid. When there is a better caffeine-free alternative, why drink decaf?


Transitioning From Coffee To Teeccino


Lifelong habits are tough for all of us to change. Yet, switching to something that tastes familiar and noticing how much better you feel, will make the transition much easier. 


Teeccino allows you to keep your same brewing ritual and still get that deep-roasted flavor that coffee lovers desire. Start off by blending Teeccino with regular coffee to give your taste buds a chance to adapt. With a bit of time for adaptation, many people report that they prefer the smoother flavor of Teeccino to coffee.


Every cup of Teeccino provides nutritious health benefits such as easily absorbable potassium and soluble fiber to help keep hearts healthy. Inulin, from the chicory root in Teeccino, can improve digestive health and increase mineral absorption. Water-soluble antioxidants from carob, barley, dates, figs and almonds help protect DNA from destructive free radicals.


With a cup of Teeccino, seniors can feel confident that they are protecting the gift of good health!

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