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Teeccino & Your Family

Sharing meals together can be rare these days with so many different activities pulling families in multiple directions at once. We love those moments when we can connect, relax and catch up with our loved ones. What better way than to share a cup of a delicious hot beverage together?

Here are some ideas about how to introduce Teeccino to your family:

  • Some people like to surprise their family or guests by not telling them that they are drinking Teeccino. It can be fun to see how people respond when they think they are being served coffee. We’ve heard great stories about the raves hostesses receive for their delicious “coffee”!
  • Other people like to slowly introduce Teeccino to their partners by blending Teeccino with coffee. This allows taste buds time to adapt. Though some people can’t tell the difference between coffee and Teeccino, others find it very different. Fortunately, taste buds do adapt and then prefer the food or beverage they become accustomed to!
  • Some keep Teeccino a secret. One woman wrote us that her husband had been drinking Teeccino for 10 years, but he still thinks he is drinking Folgers®!
  • Our best recommendation: Serve Teeccino after dinner instead of a dessert. Even the diehard caffeine aficionados will enjoy Teeccino at the end of the day.

Here are some ideas about how to juggle different beverage preferences under one roof:

  • Teeccino Tee-bags make it easy to brew single cups of Teeccino. If you have multiple Teeccino drinkers with different flavor preferences or if competition for the coffee pot is causing strife in your kitchen, this is the best solution to meet everyone’s desires.
  • Keep brewing tools that are just for Teeccino. We suggest French press pots if you like to brew, but your drip coffee maker is dominated by the coffee drinkers in your household.
  • Teeccino recipes will help you discover many ways to serve Teeccino for your whole family to enjoy together. From beverages to entrées, you’ll find Teeccino enhances your creative efforts with its unique flavor accents. Impress everyone with professional-looking cappuccinos and lattes that you can prepare with simple brewing tools.
Teeccino makes a nutritious drink for children at any age. Get some great tips on how to meet the needs of kids and teenagers alike with caffeine-free herbal coffee - the perfect alternative to hot chocolate and coffee!
As we reach our elder years, many people experience increasing anxiety and nervousness. By being caffeine-free, seniors can often decrease these feelings. Read about how easing off of coffee as you age can help protect...
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