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Brewing Tips

Brewing Tips for Teeccino Herbal Coffee

Teeccino is made from a number of different ingredients, each of which is individually ground, roasted and then blended. Unlike coffee beans, which are ground to a specific size for each type of brewing method, herbal coffee is a composite grind that works in all types of coffee brewing equipment including drip coffee makers, French press pots, percolators and espresso machines. The following tips will help you brew a delicious cup of herbal coffee:


  • Always adjust quantities of Teeccino to your own preference. Just like coffee, some people like it strong while others prefer it weaker. Experiment by making several cups of Teeccino at different strengths to find the quantity that is perfect for you.   
  • Drip coffee makers brew Teeccino best with a "gold" or permanent filter. Paper filters tend to brew slowly because the composite grind in herbal coffee may have some fine particles that can clog the paper. Permanent gold filters save trees and produce a better flavored brew because paper filters absorbs some flavor. Permanent filters are easy to rinse clean and are available for both cone and flat bottom coffee makers. Once you switch to gold filters, you'll never again run out of filters! Note: if you are gluten-sensitive however, we highly  recommend using paper filters to make sure that no Teeccino grounds get into your cup.
  • Drink Teeccino anyway you enjoy coffee. You may like it black or with milk, non-dairy milk or half & half if that is how you normally enjoy coffee. Taste Teeccino first before adding sweetener. Teeccino’s Mediterranean flavors are naturally sweet from dates and figs so you may not need additional sweetener. 
  • If you want the flavor of a cappuccino but don't have a cappuccino machine, consider a variety of different brewing options we at Teeeccino personally use and recommend. You can get just as fabulous a flavor and even better foamy milk with half the work. 
You use less number of scoops or tablespoons of Teeccino than coffee. Learn the proper amount of Teeccino to use in drip coffee makers, America's most frequently used coffee brewing method.
SwissGold One-Cup brewers are a quick and easy way to brew a single cup of Teeccino. Read how simple it is to brew up a cup of Teeccino in under a minute!
French Press Pots are tea pots with a built in strainer. All you need is boiling water to brew a perfect cup of Teeccino. Get the right measurement of Teeccino for each size French Press pot.
You can hear it in the name. Teeccino was designed originally for making caffeine-free cappuccinos and lattes. Read our brewing tips for making the perfect espresso beverage with Teeccino.
There's nothing like a tall cold glass of Teeccino to quench the thirst and reenergize you on hot days. It is much easier to keep ice cold Teeccino on hand than you may think. Read our tips for making sure you have iced...
Frothed milk adds a delicious cap of foam to every cup of Teeccino, no matter how you brewed it. You can easily make any occasion festive and impressive. Learn how to froth milk quickly with the Bonjour Primo Latte milk...
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