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Teeccino Supports

Donations Supporting Rainforest Preservation and the Relief of Poverty


Teeccino donates a percentage of sales to support educational and nutritional programs that benefit disadvantaged women and children in Central America and that help preserve rainforests. 


We believe basing our donation on sales rather than on profits creates a more authentic charitable foundation. After all, profits may be elusive from one year to the next as companies invest in other priorities. By committing a percentage of our sales for our charitable giving, Teeccino shares a part of our success with the causes we support. 


Rainforest Preservation


We understand that rainforest preservation depends on finding ways for people to derive sustainable income that is compatible with the forest. Impoverished people don’t have the luxury of waiting long-term. Food and medicine are necessities that can’t be postponed until tomorrow. Solutions have to give immediate returns. 


Teeccino’s work with wild-harvested ramon nuts is geared towards providing both income and food for rural villages while preserving the forest canopy. By giving economic value to ramon nuts and supporting local workshops to teach women how to prepare ramon nuts for their own families, Teeccino has increased the income of rural communities and raised the nutritional content of their diets. In this way, Teeccino helps spread the word that a free, nutritious food is available right in their own surroundings that improves health and also provides income.


Vitamin Angels


Vitamins can prevent illnesses caused by the deficiency of essential nutrients and when combined with simple medicines that fight parasites and worms, they improve children’s health in developing countries where unsanitary water and food causes many health problems, particularly among the young.


Teeccino supports programs run by Vitamin Angels to provide nutritional supplements that prevent childhood blindness and malnutrition in Maya communities in Belize and Guatemala. Vitamin Angels is dedicated to reducing child mortality worldwide by advancing availability, access and use of essential nutrients to newborns, infants and children under five.


Donations to Events


Teeccino makes in-kind donations to a variety of events run by non-profit organizations or health educators. We donate Teeccino to be served at events. We give trials size packets for event gift bags. We donate gift baskets for auctions. 


In order to select among the many organizations that ask for support, we identify events that resonate with our brand and our mission. Thus we primarily support health events or educational events for people with a health focus. If your organization is having an event that attracts people who are interested in health, please contact us.


Donations to Schools and Churches


If you are a Teeccino fan and you would like to serve Teeccino at your place of worship or school event, please contact us. We donate product to be served to groups when we know that someone that loves Teeccino will be the ambassador for the brand!

Teeccino supports Vitamin Angel's program in Guatemala to provide essential nutrients to at-risk, malnourished women and children in impoverished rural communities.
Two women living very different lives found both their needs fulfilled by ramon nuts. Read about Teeccino’s partner, Alimentos Nutri-Naturales, a women-owned company that harvests ramon nuts in the Maya Biosphere Reserve.
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