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Southern Pecan Herbal Coffee Tea Bags

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Medium Roast - 75% Organic

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All the rich nuttiness of a pecan pie to satiate your indulgences without the calories, slightly sweetened by dates & figs.

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Southern Pecan 11 oz Bag

Medium Roast - 75% Organic

Makes 31 servings
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Makes 3 servings
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Southern Pecan 5lb Bag

Medium Roast

Makes 227 Servings
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Southern Pecan Herbal Coffee Tea Bags Detail

  • Antioxidants from carob, dates, barley and almonds
  • Naturally caffeine free – no processing or chemical residues
  • Non-acidic – helps restore alkaline balance
  • Natural energy boost – from nutrients, not stimulants
  • Contains heart-healthy potassium and soluble fiber
  • Prebiotic - inulin from chicory root supports beneficial microflora that improve digestion, regularity and intestinal health
  • Brewed Teeccino is gluten free as verified by independent laboratory tests

* The FDA has not evaluated these claims for accuracy.

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