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Dandelion Mocha Herbal Coffee 5 lb bag

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Medium roast - 75%

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Barley-free & Gluten-free. Lush chocolate meets the essence of coffee with a hint of sweetness from dates & figs.

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Dandelion Mocha Herbal Coffee 5 lb bag Flavor Notes

Is being gluten-free important to you? Even though Teeccino has been tested to have no detectable levels of gluten at 5 parts per million when brewed using a paper filter, you may be worried that you might still experience a reaction to the barley in Teeccino. Understanding that gluten-sensitive people, just like caffeine-sensitive people, can be hyper sensitive to trace gluten, I decided it was time to create a barley-free coffee alternative that is absolutely gluten-free.

Teeccino Dandelion Mocha tastes just like Mediterranean Mocha with that beloved combo of flavors, coffee and chocolate, that is so irresistible!  Dandelion Mocha brings the health benefits of roasted dandelion root including its inulin content, antioxidants, and stimulating effects on liver function to your cup. With more dandelion root per serving than any other brand puts in their tea bags, Teeccino Dandelion Mocha produces a cup where indulgent temptation becomes virtuous via the health benefits of nature’s healing herbs.

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