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Stress Relief Gift Basket

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Yes, we all need stress relief! Sip this collection of anxiety-reducing herbal beverages. Breathe & relax. Don’t worry, be happy!

Stress Relief Gift Basket Description

I guess we’re living out the old Chinese curse: May you live in interesting times! We seem to be on a bit of a roller coaster these days. Protecting yourself and your loved ones from stress is the best thing you can do. Stress not only ages us, but it lowers our immune system to make us susceptible to sickness.

Tulsi is India’s natural stress relief herb with adaptogenic properties that help strengthen the immune system and lower stress hormone production. Organic India’s organic Tulsi in both tea and supplement form is the best Tulsi available on the market.

The Republic of Tea’s Get Relaxed tea has eleuthero, the famous Russian adaptogenic herb that their Olympic athletes take to build their endurance and resistance to stress. With soothing linden flowers, passionflower, lavender and rose, this floral tea will sooth your senses and your body.

Enjoy Teeccino when you want the satisfaction of a deeper bodied brew with lots of potassium to feed your nerves and keep you calm. Take care of yourself and your family’s health with these herbs that fight the effects of stress on your behalf!

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