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Travel Mug

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Insulated, stainless steel thermal travel mug in warm coppertone branded with the Teeccino logo & No-Caf emblem
Travel Mug Caroline Recommends

It’s not that I don’t like cold Teeccino, it’s just that when I’m in the mood for hot Teeccino, I like it to stay hot even if I’m interrupted by phone calls, diversions, or forgetfulness (now where did I leave my cup?) I also don’t like to use plastic or paper cups for road travel. They are unaesthetic and they waste prime resources like oil and trees.

So when my eye was drawn to the pleasing warmth of this copper mug glinting from a shelf at a trade show (and I considered how lovely it would be to have the Teeccino logo and No-caf emblem printed on it), well, of course, it was irresistible.

Now this mug has become a fixture in my life as I travel to my office where it fits perfectly in my car’s holder and then sits on my desk allowing me to sip hot Teeccino throughout the day. It was lovely to discover that this mug also keeps iced Teeccino cool and thirst quenching that much longer! I hope you will find that its irresistibility becomes a fixture in your life too!
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