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Orange Ginger Rooibos Chai

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Organic, Caffeine-Free - 18 Tea Bags

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Fresh orange brightens this sweet, pungent chai riding on the deep body of rooibos, the red tea, with roasted notes from chicory

Orange Ginger Rooibos Chai Flavor Notes

It’s not just the Indians who daily sip chai – now chai’s popularity in America has produced enticing variations on the ancient spice theme.

I’m proud to say I was one of the first American tea designers to begin this creative chai adventure. Orange Ginger Chai was inspired by my love of orange accents over cinnamon. Then, because I love to improvise, I added a friendly bite of ginger dusted with black pepper.

Spices shout “up and at “em” to our bodies. It’s time to get on with it, they announce. Like a symphony, they open a passageway to your heart as their sweet, pungent breath swirls down your throat to awaken you from within.

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