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Mayan Cocoa Spice

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Contains Caffeine, Made With Organic

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Chocolate overtures from “cocoa nibs” (from which chocolate is made) curl around the gently sweetened Yogi spices

Mayan Cocoa Spice Flavor Notes

There is nothing more inspiring when you sit down to create a tea than finding a new ingredient which tastes great and brews up a whole new realm of flavor. After all, I have created quite a few teas in my time and I always am amazed and filled with gratitude to find inspiration knocking at my door once again!

My first taste of brewed cocoa nibs gave me that little thrill up the backbone as the flavor notes hit my taste buds. Warm, round, savory, mellow with a richly brewed body, this tea seduces the chocolate lover in all of us while providing an uplifting spike of naturally stimulating spices.

I’m just about as sensitive to caffeine as you can get, but the 1+ milligrams of caffeine in this cup don’t even make my heart flutter. Well, that is to say, it flutters melodiously over the flavor, but not jittery from the caffeine. 

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