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Classic India Spice

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Caffeine-Free, Made With Organic

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Taunt your taste buds with sweet notes up front, then, a whack of a spice punch in the back of the throat. Un-throttled hot spice brew!

Classic India Spice Flavor Notes

Wake up with this brew from whatever sleepy moment has you in its grip. Now you’ll feel the unveiled fervor of spices stimulating your senses.

The Yogis like their tea with a strong spice punch that will vibrate the senses and create a rapport between the humble body and the exalted divine. If you’re going to stay awake during the wee hours of morning meditations, it’s spice that becomes your best friend, not caffeine that creates a tangle of thoughts to confound your spiritual aspirations.

For the rest of us who may only need help recovering from daily fatigue and sluggishness, if we truly need a stimulant, let’s depend on a spicy brew that restores our body heat, purges our glands and sinuses, wakes up our digestion, and opens the mind to receive and create out of a centered space. Yogi Tea Classic India Spice is a hot, heady brew that will prove to you that spice is your body’s best friend; a gift of the gods to help us find our way back home.

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