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Chai Rooibos

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Caffeine-Free, Made With Organic

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Sweet and earthy rooibos, the red tea, creates the perfect backdrop to carry the full, spicy aura of authentic Indian chai.

Chai Rooibos Flavor Notes

Cardamom is the unsung hero in the spice tea trio. Ginger and cinnamon get top billing and cast a long shadow over cardamom’s virtues. Plus it’s expensive and thus not often featured.

Brew a cup of Yogi Tea Rooibos Chai and cardamom will speak to you with a throaty voice fully accompanied by hot and sweet cinnamon and that characteristic Yogi spice bite. Some think cardamom is the true flavor of India’s chai. I think it’s entirely up to personal preference, but I’m glad the Yogis asked me to give them a real cardamom experience.

I’m sure that you will find that Chai Rooibos' exotic flavor will awaken slumbering memories of chai freshly brewed and sipped at some Indian bazaar you must have once frequented long ago.

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