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Passionfruit Mango Red Tea

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Caffeine-Free Red Tea - 36 Tea Bags

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Inspired by the Cape Malay cuisine, Rooibos is paired with the sunny, tropical flavors of passionfruit, tropical mango and lemon flavors . Delicious Iced.

Passionfruit Mango Red Tea Flavor Notes

If you haven’t been to S. Africa, then you might be surprised to learn of the fabulous cuisine of the Cape region. Who would have suspected that three ethnic groups could combine the best of their culinary traditions to produce an exalted combination?

First you have the foundation of Africa with herbs and foods that only grow in that region. Then you have the European overlay of locally grown and freshly prepared foods more familiar to our palate. In between is sandwiched exotic flavors from Cape Malay tropical fruits and spices. The blend creates the most fabulous cuisine that I’ve been privileged to partake of in a long time.

Passionfruit Mango Red Tea replicates this unique combination with African rooibos accented by the Cape Malay tropical mango, passionfruit and lemon flavors. Thank you Capetown for your inspiration!
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