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Cinnamon Orange Red Tea

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Caffeine-Free Red Tea - 36 Tea Bags

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Full-bodied rooibos, an herb rich in antioxidants, blended with citrus notes from orange and highlighted with spicy cinnamon

Cinnamon Orange Red Tea Flavor Notes

I’m lucky to say from first hand experience that safaris are more breathtaking than you can possibly imagine. You clearly experience culture shock when you see large feral cats pacing beside your open jeep and humungous elephants ripping branches from nearby trees above your head. Yes it is thrilling, but it is something more.

How do you describe those moments in life when the mind stops, the now takes over, and every particle of your being is present? How can we translate these extraordinary experiences into the simpler moments of living our lives being fully aware? May the bright citrus sparkle of Cinnamon Orange Red Tea with its subtle background of spice allow you to focus yourself fully on each sip with all the attention that being present in the now deserves.

Refreshing served both warm and iced.

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