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Chamomile Lemon Herbal Tea - 36 Tea Bags

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Surrender To Sleep Herb Tea

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Chamomile mingles with lemon balm, linden flowers and lavender to produce a fragrant, complex and soothing cup.

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Chamomile Lemon Herbal Tea - 36 Tea Bags Description

Hold a tiny chamomile flower in your palm and imagine acres as far as the eye can see of white petals bobbing in the breeze. You've probably seen pictures of long tree-lined avenues in Europe and never known that the stately linden tree produces one of the most renowned flowers for tea.

How about the heady perfume of an orange grove in full bloom as the petals flutter down to be caught in nets? Or the buzz of bees as they tirelessly harvest the nectar of lemon balm and lavendar flowers?

It is these essences I wanted to draw into your tea cup when I created Chamomile Lemon tea to soothe, relax, and ease your day. We need more moments when it all stops, and we thankfully receive the blessing of nature and the labor of others who fill our cup with goodness.

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