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Cardamom Cinnamon Herbal Tea - 36 Tea Bags

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Warm The Heart Herb Tea

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Hot & sweet cinnamon combined with pungent spices brews a cup with spicy depth and stimulating, fresh perspective.

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Cardamom Cinnamon Herbal Tea - 36 Tea Bags Flavor Notes

Remember those little red hot candies we used to eat as children? I wanted to design a tea to make a burst of spice go off in your mouth that would make you remember the first time you ate a red hot. Only with more complexity and without the dye!

Whatever you think is the "spice of life",Cardamom Cinnamon is the tea to accompany it. Spices from islands deep in the Pacific or rainforests on distant continents are precious even in this era of swift transport and global community. What else can create fire in the belly, a tingling in the throat, and an impulse to wake up and sing?

Banish the dreary cold, warm your hearth, and sip the sweet pungency brought to your tea cup by trees willing to yield their barks, seeds, and berries for your benefit.

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