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French Roast Herbal Coffee 5 lb Bag

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Dark Roast - Organic

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Intense deep coffee notes from roasted ramon seeds and chicory roots create a robust, focused body without any sweetness

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French Roast Herbal Coffee 5 lb Bag Flavor Notes

It wasn’t until I discovered ramon seeds from Central American rainforests that the dream of a dark roasted, unsweetened herbal coffee with enough body to carry coffee-like depth and intensity came into focus. The Maya drank a brewed beverage of roasted ramon seeds for all kinds of health reasons. Please understand that this was prior to the coffee tree making its way across the Atlantic via Spanish vessels.

If you like your coffee dark roasted without any competing flavor notes or sweetness, French Roast was created for you. In a taste test of Teeccino’s regular flavors, Original, Java, and French Roast, those coffee drinkers who like pure coffee flavor preferred dark roasted French Roast. Those who like their coffee sweeter with a lighter roast chose Original. Those who want a medium roast with just a bit of sweetness preferred Java.

Now between all three flavors, those who say “give me regular” can find their personal preference and satisfaction!

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