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Maya Chai Herbal Coffee 5 lb Bag

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Medium Roast - Organic

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A stimulating spike of spicy notes accented with the creaminess of vanilla

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Maya Chai Herbal Coffee Tea Bags

Medium Roast - Organic Tea Bags

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Maya Chai Herbal Coffee 5 lb Bag Flavor Notes

It’s this simple: I love Chai and I love Teeccino. Why not put them together? I’ve created many caffeine-free chais with tea-like bases using rooibos. They’re wonderful, but then comes the moment when you want something richer, darker, more potent.

Who says chai can’t be made with a roasted, robust body brewed like coffee and energized with spices? Add sufficient hot milk and a true chai emerges to confound both tea and coffee drinkers alike. I say rules are made to be transcended and Maya Chai rises above our limitations to merge the best of both worlds.

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