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Chocolate Raspberry 11 oz Bag

item no. 82120

Dark Roast

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Fresh, juicy raspberry notes sparkle from the depths of chocolate pools breathing dark roasted ramon nuts with coffee and chocolate notes 

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Makes 3 Servings
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25 Tee-Bags
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Makes 227 Servings
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Chocolate Raspberry 11 oz Bag Flavor Notes

Who can resist a luscious chocolate cake dotted with crimson raspberries? We all fall prey because we know that there is nothing like the accent of raspberries over chocolate to titillate the taste buds.

Now you can experience the same burst of juicy raspberries accompanied by luscious chocolate to give you that thrill from a brew that won’t take you into the high calorie realm.

Teeccino’s first fruit flavor voted for by 2700 fans who said, ”Give us Chocolate Raspberry please!”

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