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Caramel Nut 11 oz Bag

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Medium Roast - 75% Organic

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Creamy caramel gone nutty by roasted almonds enhanced with the essence of pecans & hazelnuts for sweet, toasty warmth in a cup

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Caramel Nut Trial Size Packet

Medium Roast - 85% Organic

Makes 3 servings
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Caramel Nut Herbal Coffee Tee-Bags

Medium Roast - 25 Tee-Bags

25 Tee-Bags
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Caramel Nut Herbal Coffee 5 lb Bag

Medium Roast - 85% Organic

Makes 227 Servings
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Caramel Nut 11 oz Bag Flavor Notes

Just as I was creating this flavor, someone brought me caramels hand-made from Europe. Their flavor was the very essence of what we want that caramel experience to be. I held it in my flavor memory bank as I tasted endless variations on the caramel theme to find just the right one that crossed the threshold into caramel bliss.

With multiple nutty notes, this brew will give you all the pleasure of rich, buttery sweetness without the calories that would ordinarily accompany such a delight. I promise you, it won’t fail to vanquish any cravings for dessert that you would like to repress.

Drink on to your heart's content!  

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