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Get Passionate

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Herb Tea For The Libido - 36 Tea Bags

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Citrus & fruity notes from hibiscus flowers, lemon verbena, and passionfruit sweetened with a pinch of stevia over rooibos, the red tea

Get Passionate Flavor Notes

YES! YES! YES! We all know that passion makes the world go round. But we also know it ebbs and flows.

So when you feel the need for a sensual nudge, make a date with this caffeine-free herbal blend. Crafted from organic rooibos, it includes exotic muira puama bark and ashwaganda root, both said to invigorate a lagging libido. And, we’ve added Peruvian maca root. Revered as an aphrodisiac, let’s just say it’s popular for stimulation of sexual desires.

On the lighter side, you’ll detect a flirty whiff of lemon verbena entwined with a duo of passionflower and passionfruit. So go ahead, light some candles, sip and get passionate.

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