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Gio. Buton Decorative Airtight Canister

item no. 90076

Storage Tin

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Store your Teeccino in Italian style. Decorative airtight canisters perfectly fit the 11 oz Teeccino bags.

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Gio. Buton Decorative Airtight Canister Description

Imagine my excitement when I found the Teeccino 11 oz bags slipped into these beautiful decorative tins like they were made for each other. A rubber seal and clamp protect Teeccino after you’ve opened the bag and new packages easily replace the previous one without any clean up.

Decorated with an Art Deco illustration from The Gio. Buton & Company of Bologna, Italy, this Italian storage tin makes the perfect gift for yourself or your loved one. Adds decorative art to your kitchen and keeps Teeccino fresh and ready to brew. 

Actually made in Italy – no kidding!

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