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Coconut Cocoa Herbal Tea

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Cup of Desert Herb Tea - 36 Tea Bags

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Luscious cocoa accented by creamy coconut over deep roasted carob and chicory with sweetness from dates

Coconut Cocoa Herbal Tea Flavor Notes

This yummy dessert tea is reminiscent of one of my earliest Republic of Teas, Carob Cocoa Mint, for any of you who go back to the mid ‘90’s with me! This time the request from Ron Rubin, the Minister of Leaves at the Republic of Tea, was for an herbal dessert tea without mint that would satisfy the diehard chocolate lovers but not put them over the top with caffeine. Of course, I couldn’t resist adding my favorite natural sweetener, dates, with its antioxidant potency and its lovely sweetness that accentuates the flavors of coconut, cocoa and carob. Reach for this tea the next time that sweet tooth is demanding to be satisfied and sip away guilt-free!

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