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Orange Ginger Mint Tea - 2.3 oz Loose Tea

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After Meal Herb Tea

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Orange bergamot mint accented by spicy ginger and sweet anise create a soft and luscious cup, perfect after meal time.

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Orange Ginger Mint Tea - 2.3 oz Loose Tea Flavor Notes

If you're a gardener, then you know. There are so many varieties of mint, but certain ones are supreme. How did the essence of a bergamot orange, best known for flavoring Earl Grey teas, get captured in a mint leaf? Who knows the mysterious ways of nature, but gardeners call this herb, "orange mint".

Fortunately I was able to have this unique variety of mint grown for The Republic of Tea in our Pacific Northwest. I wanted a tea that would warm the stomach, stimulate digestion, and ease the passage of food through our intestines. I called upon lemon thyme and anise hyssop, both rare delicacies in the tea world. I knew this tea wouldn't be complete without ginger whose potent pungency heats the interior like no other.

I drink Orange Ginger Mint Tea any time of the day and always find it is just what my body wants.

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