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Orange (formerly Original) 11 oz Bag

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Light Roast - 75% Organic

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Citrus top notes from orange peel enhanced with sweetness from dates & figs

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Makes 3 servings
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Orange (formerly Original) Herbal Coffee Tee-Bags

Light Roast - 75% Organic - 25 Tee-Bags

25 Tee-Bags
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Original Herbal Coffee 1 lb Can

Light Roast - 75% Organic

Makes 45 servings
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Makes 227 servings
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Orange (formerly Original) 11 oz Bag Flavor Notes

I suppose this should have been my first flavor, but in fact I created it fourth. It emerged to satisfy the desire for an unflavored herbal coffee by people who relish the blackness of regular coffee.

Being an herbal beverage designer by origin, I couldn't resist giving Orange just a hint of orange peel to produce a fruity top note and of course some dates and figs for sweetness. There is something too wonderful about the contrast between the intensity of a deep roast highlighted by the sparkle of sweet tanginess - well, you'll just have to try it for yourself to see if you agree with me.

If you don't, and purity without complexity is your preference, try medium roasted Java or dark roasted Maya Caffé instead.

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