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Red Chai Masala Tulsi Tea

item no. 99515B

Organic, Caffeine-Free - 18 Tea Bags

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African red tea and aromatic Tulsi pungently spiked with traditional Indian spices for a stimulating brew.

Red Chai Masala Tulsi Tea Flavor Notes

A true Indian masala is a melange of spices just like these, waiting to be infused into a tea that will wake up your senses and your system.

Krishna Tulsi with its spicy accents blended with the earthy body of rooibos plus a touch of roasted chicory creates depth for this herbal Red Chai Masala Tulsi Tea.

Add warm milk or non-dairy milk and a touch of sweetener for a delicious India chai experience that is caffeine free. Remember, you can use Stevia or another non-caloric sweetener like Xylitol or agave to sweeten this tea without adding calories or spiking your blood sugar.

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