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Maya Flavors Sampler

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5 Teeccino Maya Herbal Coffees

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For those who don't want any sweetness in their coffee, Teeccino's Maya Sampler has the flavors you'll enjoy the most: French Roast, Chocolate, Chai, French Vanilla, Chocolate Raspberry. Enjoy each flavor in a trial size packet with all-purpose grind and a tee-bag. 

Maya Flavors Sampler Description

Sweetness isn’t your thing? Teeccino’s Maya flavors are designed for you! With roasted ramon seeds, a traditional food of the Maya civilization, to lend their dark roasted flavor notes with a hint of chocolate, the Maya flavors are created for people who desire a dark roast with a full, smooth body that doesn't add any sweetness to their cup.

In fact, the Maya drank roasted ramon nuts way before coffee ever traveled across the sea to become such a major commodity in the Americas. Who knew that the Maya had their own coffee alternative? Trust them. The same people brought us cocoa beans and corn. Enjoy Teeccino’s Maya flavors in this sampler to decide which ones need to be a staple in your life.

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