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TeeChia Banana Cream Pie

The homemade taste of Banana Cream Pie with TeeChia Cranberry Apple added. Betcha can't eat just one piece!

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Is it true coffee drinkers have more fun than tea drinkers? Just look at all the ways to brew coffee! Then there so many recipes that traditionally use coffee as a flavor. Between recipes we’ve discovered that are delicious made with Teeccino and those sent to us by both professional chefs and Teeccino fans, you’ll find lots of ways to enjoy Teeccino besides just brewing it. Plus you can use the brewed Teeccino grinds in many of the recipes. They add texture and flavor. Teeccino ingredients are so good, we often munch on them while making a Teeccino blend. Think of it…dates, figs, almonds, roasted carob…what could be more yummy?

If you send us one of your recipes that uses Teeccino and we use it, we'll credit you and send you a $25 gift certificate for this website. Email us your recipe suggestions with photos!

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