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11 Recipes

  • Southern Pecan Cinnamon Cake

    A beauty to behold and a nutritious feast to partake of with ground pecans in the body of the cake and a pecan filling between 3 layers to add a delightful sweetness to every bite. Topped with Teeccino Southern Pecan syrup!
  • Teeccino Pumpernickel Bread

    Thanks to Brenda Caldwell of Tucson, Arizona, we have a great pumpernickel bread recipe to share.
  • Teeccino Banana Nut Bread

    When those sad forgotten bananas turn brown, there's only one thing to do with them. Make Banana Bread, of course!
  • Teeccino Banana Oat Scones

    Vegan, sugar & wheat free, these scrumptious banana oat scones flavored with Maya French Roast go perfectly with a warm mug of Teeccino!
  • Teeccino Vegan Carob Cake

    The winning recipe of the 2011 Summer Recipe contest. A delicious alternative to traditional chocolate cake.
  • Teeccino Shortbread Cookies

    Scottish Shortbread cookies crumble in your mouth with their flaky, buttery texture that is renowned! Flavored with any Teeccino nut flavor, these cookies are heavenly dunked in a cup of Teeccino!
  • Teeccino Chocolate Cupcakes

    Thanks to Anne Orfila, we have a delicious Teeccino cupcake recipe for anyone in the mood for a simple chocolate pleasure.
  • TeeChia Chai Cranberry Quickbread

    Enjoy this sweet quickbread for dessert or for a satisfying snack filled with fiber!
  • TeeChia Blueberry Date Quickbread

    Super delicious, full of fiber and as good (if not better) than dessert! It will be gone faster than you made it!
  • Blueberry Banana TeeChia Muffins

    Enjoy the decadence of blueberry muffins without the sugar or guilt.
  • TeeChia Banana Cream Pie

    The homemade taste of Banana Cream Pie with TeeChia Cranberry Apple added. Betcha can't eat just one piece!

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