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Entrees & Sides

9 Recipes

  • Teeccino Cajun Blackened Fish

    A Cajun favorite with the addition of Teeccino takes this classic dish to a whole new level of delish!
  • Bourbon Barbecue Sauce

    This Bourbon Barbeque Sauce has a smoky aroma that starts our taste buds salivating as we harken back to our ancestral days of cooking over the open flame!
  • Butternut Squash, Black Bean & Teeccino Chili

    Turn basic chili into a legendary chili by adding butternut squash and Java Teeccino. Chili: no longer just for Superbowl parties.
  • Teeccino Smokey White Beans

    Looking for a new take on beans for your BBQ? Say hello to the most stylish side dish, accessorized with Teeccino.
  • Teeccino Mole Sauce for Chicken, Fish, or Tofu

    Hooray for Mole! This savory traditional Mexican dish is sure to garner applause from the kitchen table!
  • Maya Chocolate Spice Rub

    Traditional Central American flavors merge to create this incredible spice rub!
  • No-Caf Java Ribs

    The secret is in the Teeccino! Your guests won't believe their taste buds!
  • Steak Marinade

    Marinade your steaks in a rich sauce made with Maya Chocolate for a smoky, rich, dark flavor to sizzle your taste buds.

  • TeeChia Stuffed Portobello Mushrooms

    TeeChia blended with wild rice and embellished with cranberries and apples makes a festive stuffing for marinaded Portobello mushrooms perfect for a main course or side dish on festive occasions.

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