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4 Recipes

  • Teeccino Double Chocolate Chip Cookies

    The dark chocolate Teeccino liqueur that is added to these double chocolate chip cookies highlights the chocolate with coffee overtones that go straight to the heart of a chocolate lover's desire!
  • Teeccino Shortbread Cookies

    Scottish Shortbread cookies crumble in your mouth with their flaky, buttery texture that is renowned! Flavored with any Teeccino nut flavor, these cookies are heavenly dunked in a cup of Teeccino!
  • TeeChia Blueberry Energy Cookies

    TeeChia soaked in Teeccino and turned into a cookie - what a brilliant combination! These cookies can be eaten any time of the day plus make it easy to eat TeeChia on-the-go.
  • TeeChia Cranberry Apple Cookies

    A deliciously crunchy cookie that will hit the spot and satisfy your cravings for sweetness all day!

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