Kimlee recently became a Teeccino Ambassador, and for her first event she shared Teeccino at a gathering at her home in Arizona for about 35 people. She really wowed us with the report she sent in after the event! Kimlee told us: “My Teeccino gathering with my friends, family and colleagues went amazing! There were […]

Wanda is an active Teeccino Ambassador who has done multiple events this year. You might remember her Relay for Life event posted on our blog back in May! Wanda’s most recent Ambassador event was a breast cancer awareness and survivors’ gathering, where the entire room was decked out in pink and peach, and everyone made […]

Teeccino is entering its 19th year of providing a delicious variety of brewed herbal beverages that are caffeine-free, non-acidic alternatives to coffee. All of you, our valued customers, have taught me so much about the preciousness of health and how small things like changing what you drink can make such a big difference. For those […]

Roberta has been a very active Ambassador for Teeccino, first sampling Teeccino at VegFest back in July of this year and doing some smaller events along the way. Recently, Roberta brought Teeccino to Vegan Life Colorado‘s Thanksgiving event, and sent us a great report and pics! Roberta confirmed the event was a big success and […]

One of our dedicated ambassadors, Jan-Marie, recently had a fun get-together in her home and served one of our most popular flavors, Vanilla Nut!

Remember back in April when we posted on TeeccinoBuzz about Kelli’s Two Cool Events, a small home “Tee-party” gathering and a Weight Watchers awards ceremony? Well, Kelli just wrote us about her third Teeccino Ambassador event – a Thanksgiving Feast! We loved what she told us – “The event was a Thanksgiving Feast put on […]

Major food chains are adopting food scoring systems to help their customers pick nutrient-dense foods, but some seem to be causing more confusion than clarity. Whole Foods just announced the new scoring system they’ve selected nationally, developed by Dr. Joel Furhman, author of best-selling books on healthy eating and the ANDI score (Aggregate Nutrient Density […]

We are fortunate to have a number of health professionals in our Teeccino Ambassador program, and we recently received another great report from Annette Hottenstein, MS, RD, LDN, a Teeccino Ambassador and registered dietician who sees 3 – 5 clients a week in her new private practice, Sensational Sustenance. Annette is a food scientist and […]

Joy B. Massa, a new Teeccino Ambassador, is a third year intern at the Homeopathic Academy of Southern California. For her first Ambassador event she shared samples with her fellow students! Joy will graduate in June 2014, and told us in her terrific post-event report… “Hello fellow Teeccino lovers & Ambassadors! I was privileged to […]

Vicky, a new Teeccino Ambassador in Tennessee, recently requested samples for her first event at her church.  Vicky wanted to share Teeccino at the church’s 3rd annual 4-day Survival/Preparedness and health event where they were expecting over 200 people a day! Vicky told us in her event report how she did a “blind taste test” […]