When Roberta came on board as a Teeccino Ambassador, we were just delighted – she is a health-conscious vegan who has been drinking Teeccino for years…and for her very first event, she offered to sample and serve Teeccino at the big two-day festival, VegFest Colorado! Roberta told us: “VegFest” is a health and environment fair […]

Nancy is a health coach and a Teeccino Ambassador! We are so happy she joined the program. Her first event was for a wonderful cause, her table display was lovely, the turnout and funds raised – were far above expectations! Nancy told us, reporting back – “The first Relay for Life in Mission Valley (a […]

Tia’s Ambassador event, a weekend mountain retreat for about 50 people, was a lovely time for all! She shared Teeccino with her fellow retreat-goers, who learned they could enjoy ‘coffee’ all day long! Tia said: “The event was a nice weekend event away in the mountains in North Carolina for healing sessions. At night we […]