After years of mixed opinions on the subject, the American Medical Association declared obesity a disease last week. The Facts: – A person with a BMI of 30+ will now be classified as obese – Numerous studies link obesity to chronic diseases including cardiovascular diseases and diabetes – Obesity is a growing problem: childhood obesity […]

Do you remember reading about Bhakti Fest last year? If you need a refresher, it was the international yoga, kirtan, and meditation festival in Joshua Tree, California. This festival also marked the first time we introduced TeeChia to the world. Well since we loved it so much, we had to go back for Shakti Fest, […]

Stefanie requested her Teeccino samples a few weeks before her event, an Independence Day party at her home for about 35 guests, and she reported after the get-together: “I hosted a holiday 4th of July party and it was the perfect time to share samples of Teeccino. I invited families, couples, and good friends and […]