We all know that niggling urge that arises shortly after what should have been a fully satisfying meal. What compels us towards that sweet finish? Is it habit? Partly, especially if we were accustomed to eating dessert either growing up or as young adults. But it also arises from the urge for pleasure that wants […]

Kim has really been getting out there as an Ambassador since she started back in June, and we want to thank her for her enthusiasm and commitment to the no-caf cause! After one of her first events, Kim wrote us in her report: “Samples went FAST at my Convention last week!  It was held at […]

Liko is one of our passionate Teeccino Ambassadors and recently served Teeccino at a surprise baby shower for an expecting mother!

Sheila is one of our ambitious Teeccino Ambassadors and serves Teeccino to her customers daily at the spa she works at! 

Our Teeccino Sales Team has been traveling in the Teeccino Mobile on the east coast for the past month spreading the word and sampling many of our delicious Teeccino and TeeChia flavors to hundreds of current and new customers! Below are some of the photos from our events, including the recent Natural Foods Products Expo […]