Once again, the holidays are upon us as we face the end of another year. It is a time to deepen our connection with family, friends and strangers alike. The heart opens as memories and emotions are stirred, sometimes bringing up sadness and pain, other times releasing joy and transcendence. My family cherishes a number […]

Jessica, a resident of Wisconsin, became a Teeccino Ambassador in November of this year, and recently served brewed Teeccino – made with our trial size packets, and shared Teeccino Tee-bags as samples at this cozy event. Jessica sent us a great photo of her Teeccino table display and Teeccino mug swag gift, complete with a […]

Michelle became a Teeccino Ambassador in October, and sent us her first event request, for a family Thanksgiving gathering. She told us: “As this will be my first time presenting Teeccino, I thought sharing it with my health-conscious family members would be a great start. I have a brother and several in-laws on the Paleo […]

Jodi is another new Teeccino Ambassador who joined our program this fall and did her first events in November and December. Jodi sent us two great reports about her events, a church event and as hospitality coordinator for her co-op homeschool group. She even sent a pic of one of her most dedicated Teeccino comrades, Dave! […]

Stuffing is my favorite Thanksgiving dish. Combined with gravy, it makes everyone’s mouth water, don’t you agree? Since I’m not a turkey eater though, I specialize in making vegetarian stuffing that tastes as rich and savory as any stuffing baked in a turkey. This year, in honor of “free from” dietary needs, I decided to […]

Besides having her clients get a hair cut, our Teeccino Ambassador Misty served Vanilla Nut and Hazelnut Teeccino to help her clients cut out caffeine at her salon!

Our Teeccino Ambassador Jen is an avid hiker and wanted to turn on other hikers to both Teeccino and TeeChia at a recent fair. It was a walk of success as both products were embraced!

Grace really went the distance: our dedicated Teeccino ambassador not only served our Mocha, Dandelion Vanilla Nut and Chocolaté flavors at work, but also turned on her yoga class as well!

There are moments when you’re out & about that a nice hot latte would be just the thing. Only please make mine caffeine free and sugar free! Now if you could order a cup of Teeccino at a coffee bar, you would have a perfect, delicious full-bodied latte. After all, that’s what inspired me to […]

Our Teeccino Ambassador Regina stepped up her game by handing out samples of Teeccino at basketball games for parents and kids!