I’m sure you’ve read the medical advice: never skip breakfast! If you do, the prevailing wisdom says you won’t lose weight and you’ll be more likely to become obese. It is supposedly proven that poor performance awaits breakfast skippers along with brain fog and low energy. Yet over half of adult Americans admit to skipping […]

Our Teeccino Herbal Coffee and TeeChia Super Seeds Cereal event teams were in full force over this past weekend!

Shona has been a Teeccino Ambassador since July of 2013, and her most recent event was a post-New Years open house with about 40 guests. Shona sent us a wonderful report and gave us all the details about her fun, friendly gathering: “I had an open house after New Years. Many of my friends can’t […]

Our sales team is back at it and out on the road in our Teeccino-Mobile to bring your the freshest and mouth-watering samples of our Teeccino flavors to a retail store and event near you!

DeVonne recently became a Teeccino Ambassador by watching our online Webinar, and made her first event request in December for her church book club. DeVonne told us in her post-event report: “Because of bad weather, my event venue changed from a church book club to a mothers’ group from my children’s school. The relaxed environment […]

You might remember reading about DeAnna’s Congregation Camp-Out Ambassador event back in November…and DeAnna has just written us about her second and third Ambassador events!  While she had planned for her congregation’s conference only, the weather made for a smaller turn-out than expected…so DeAnna found a way to share her extra Teeccino samples at another […]