I have to confess that as the holiday season approaches every year, I feel dread. Of course, I do really look forward to celebrating and sharing time with family and friends. Nevertheless, the reality is, holidays are a lot of work on top of the work we already have on our plates every day. If your plate is like […]

Taylor became a Teeccino Ambassador just a couple months ago and it’s been a whirlwind tour (literally!) ever since. Taylor discovered Teeccino while working at Bhakti Fest the last few years – and inquired this fall about our Ambassador program. Shortly after she applied to share samples at her first event – her graduation from massage school! – Taylor agreed to […]

Stan became a Teeccino Ambassador in April of 2015 and recently made his first request for Teeccino samples to share at his local Veg Society’s Thanksgiving dinner! Stan sent us such fantastic photos of the event and told us about the evening in his event report: “Thank you very much for the timely delivery of the Teeccino samples. It […]

Kay is a very active Ambassador for Teeccino. A certified health coach, educator and promoter, she did two events this past weekend! The first was in Clifton, NJ at School #16. Kay told us in her report –  “Dana M did a terrific job as the outgoing PTA President getting people to come out to celebrate the season […]

Jamila became a Teeccino Ambassador in September of this year and did her first event right away! She sent us a wonderful report about the  community event for about 75 attendees in the city of Oakland. Jamila told us:  “The recent event was held at the 81st Ave Library in Oakland…..9/26. Theme: Invisibility: Honoring Our Memorials…for […]

  Stephanie always amazes us with her unique and well-planned Ambassador events. An Ambassador since January of 2015, she started out with a fantastic Valentine’s themed event that we featured on our blog. This September, Stephanie shared Teeccino at yet another unique opportunity in her community – ‘Teen Maze’. She told us in her event report […]

Holly, a Teeccino Ambassador since March of last year, recently sent in a new event request for Teeccino samples for her church’s conference event. She told us her group would be “providing breakfast, lunch and snacks to attendees for a conference and we have many healthy eaters in the group. So we want to offer Teeccino either […]

Whether you’re steeping a Teeccino Tee-bag or brewing up a pot of your favorite flavor, you’re making a profound difference in someone’s life in a country you may never have visited. It always makes me marvel when I contemplate the interconnection we have with so many people in far off places through a simple cup […]

Amanda, a Teeccino Ambassador since the start of our program in 2012, has recently launched a successful essential oil jewelry line – LowCountry Eclectic on Etsy, and via her own website. As a longtime fan of our herbal coffee, Amanda is now sharing Teeccino samples via her online store. For the past few months, Amanda has been […]

Dani-elle is a Teeccino Ambassador and a singer-songwriter playing Nashville and beyond. Due to the success of her single “Bye, Bye, Bye” Dani-elle and her band have played at CMA Fest and large venues. In fact, as of today Dani-elle is a semifinalist (#26) out of 7,900 musical acts entered in the NashNext country superstar contest! We featured Dani-elle last month on […]