Dr. Jackie Campisi has been an Ambassador since fall of 2014 and was an ‘unofficial’ Ambassador/advocate for many years prior.  Dr. Jackie Campisi was first featured on our blog last month under Andy’s Birthday Was Tasty With Teeccino! Dr. Campisi had spent 25 years in practice as an optometrist when she was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2008. After a […]

Amy Zdilla, of Zdilla Family Chiropractic in Belle Vernon, PA reported back recently to tell us how it’s been going…both sharing and selling Teeccino – that they purchase through a distributor – at their office. She told us in her report: “At our chiropractic office, we had a big Black Friday event with sales on […]

DeAnna is a longtime Teeccino Ambassador who shares Teeccino at her health classes, and most recently, a tea party at her church. She told us: “I always include Teeccino and its awesome properties in my health classes. My passion is to educate people on how to have the best health naturally – and Teeccino is […]