Proof that Detoxing Works

Recently the media has decided to bash detoxing by quoting some doctors who don’t believe it can have any lasting beneficial effects on the body. The New York Times and Britain’s The Guardian both took swipes at detox programs by quoting “experts” who have never followed a detox program in their life. If they had,…

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Trish Takes Teeccino to Nutrition Class

Trish is a longtime Teeccino Ambassador, and her most recent event was at the biblical nutrition class she hosts. Trish told us all about it in her report: “I brewed Teeccino and shared Tee-bags with my Biblical Nutrition Sunday School class. I also hand out samples, pamphlets and coupons to my reflexology clients and a friend passed them…

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Kelly Wows Her Coworkers with Teeccino

Kelly joined our Ambassador program in the fall of 2014, and recently did an event at her workplace, an eye care center. Kelly told us in her report: “I gave out Teeccino at a recent work luncheon. Several people had never had herbal coffee and were excited to try it. I got comments like, ‘it tastes…

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