About our Company

Teeccino’s foundation is rooted in the rich and fertile earth of a long career dedicated to herbal beverages, a compelling vision of preserving rainforests and the intrinsic value of supporting optimal health for humans as well as the planet.

Our founder, Caroline MacDougall, began sourcing herbs around the world during the 1970’s in her early 20’s for a fledgling tea company called Celestial Seasoning. She was part of the original team at Celestial that pioneered herbal teas in America. From there, her journey evolved into designing teas for a number of top tea companies. Ultimately, with inspiration from a dream, she designed a novel new herbal brew, Teeccino, and founded the Company in 1994.

Teeccino is a certified woman-owned company that is powered by an innovative and dedicated team with a big helping of entrepreneurial flair. Since 1995, when the brand was first launched in the natural products marketplace, Teeccino has grown to be the #1 brand of coffee alternatives (also called coffee substitutes) in the USA. Teeccino can be bought in specialty grocery and natural products markets throughout the country as well as from popular etailers. Teeccino is exported to Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, the Philippines and the UK.

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We want you to know how very grateful we are for your support. Without you, our devoted customers, we would not exist! It is your enjoyment of Teeccino, your letters, thoughts and ideas that motivate us and guide our actions. Meeting your needs is our reason for getting up in the morning and working hard all day. Thank you!

“What a glorious challenge life is anyway! So defiant, so baffling in any attempt to explain – and yet so thrilling in its unexpected rewards, its glorious opportunities.”
Alice Foote MacDougall, 1928