Uncle Lee’s Tea began as the U.S. factory for the Ten Ren Tea Group, for the purpose of manufacturing teas for Ten Ren’s North American distribution. Ten Ren, one of the largest and best-known tea manufacturers in Taiwan, has specialized in the production of teas, tea snacks and tea accessories for over five generations. Uncle Lee’s Tea is a subsidiary of the Ten Ren Tea Group.
In 1988, the Southern California-based company made the decision to become a full scale, independently labeled tea producer, focusing completely on domestic and international health food and mass market sales. Uncle Lee’s Tea is best known for its high quality green teas and diet teas.
Caroline MacDougall’s story
In the late 1990’s, I was working hard to promote rooibos, the South African red tea, to American tea companies since rooibos was unknown in America after the boycott of South African products during Apartheid.
Uncle Lee’s Tea decided to take up my idea to produce a line of caffeine-free chai teas. They asked me to develop chai using only organically grown herbs and spices – a project that made my heart sing!
I developed four chai teas, two of them based on full-bodied rooibos that combines so well with spices, one on cooling peppermint that makes a great digestive tea, and the fourth on green tea with a low amount of caffeine for those who want the benefits of green tea with less caffeine. As a tea designer, I was honored to work with Uncle Lee’s Tea since they are a family-owned business that has been selling teas for over half a century!