Yogi Tea was founded in 1983 by two American followers of Yogi Bhajan, a guru from India who taught yoga and the principles of a spiritual lifestyle to Westerners. Yogi Teas are spice based teas that reflect the Ayurvedic philosophy of restoring a healthy balance and equilibrium to promote a long life with optimum health. Ayurveda is the ancient system of health and longevity that was written in the Vedas, the sacred texts of India, believed to be the oldest writings in the world.
One of the founders of Yogi Tea was devoted to educating Americans about Ayurveda, which translated means the “Science of Life”. Yogi Teas were designed to make Ayuvedic health recipes accessible for Americans. Yogi Teas are now produced by Golden Temple, the company that produces many cereals and other product lines inspired by Yogi Bhajan.
Caroline MacDougall’s Story
When I first began working with Yogi Tea in the early 1980’s, my task was to convert their loose leaf spice teas into tea bags while still maintaining their strong spice profile. The first packages of Yogi Tea contained a blend of spices that were supposed to be boiled for 20 minutes. Americans, for whom convenience is everything, needed a much quicker way to brew Yogi Tea if it was going to have a wider following in this country. I was successful in maintaining the flavor and health benefits of Yogi Tea in a tea bag with a quick brew time of 3 minutes!
Later in the 1990’s, Yogi Tea asked me to develop a variety of flavored spices teas. Spice teas are favorites of mine because spices gently stimulate the body’s organs and glands to enhance digestion and elimination. Since I avoid caffeine, I find spice teas are the best natural stimulants that won’t disrupt the central nervous system like caffeine. Spice teas are often my morning choice for my first herbal brew when I want to naturally wake up my digestive system. The Yogi Teas carried on this website were developed by myself for the company. These teas demonstrate how delicious flavor can deliver health benefits that bring many moments of healthy pleasure!